Free Twitter Bootstrap Admin Theme

Introducing Responsive Clean Dashboard Bootstrap UI Theme

Powerful Admin Theme
This application is javascript/css/html5 package of additional features placed on top of the twitter bootstrap libraries. To use, either compile the less files or use the existing css file.
Theme Components
Additional components like a shadow box, admin panels, login screen, fixed bottom footer and more are included.
Custom JS Libraries
The virtual tour library is exclusive to this project. In the demo you can select a sample form under the 'Try ME' navigation. There are two buttons on the right. One demos the virtual tour of setting up a new user account, and one demos a tour of the current page. Give it a try!
Built On Bootstrap
Built on bootstrap 2.1.1 but supports up to 2.3.1. To upgrade you need to replace the bootstrap less folder with your desired bootstrap version. Find yourself a good less compiler and recompile the less into CSS.
Compiled with Less

The source contains all the less files needed to compile a custom instance of the less template. Just point your less compiler to the file in bootstrap-clean-dashboard-theme/less/customize-template.less and recompile your CSS.
There is a default theme which can be overridden with different styling. The theme has a demo in the repository under clean-dashboard/demo. To view the demo theme pull down the repo and start an http server in that directory. I like to use SimpleHTTPServer app for Mac.

For github users. I will not be supporting this project. It is open to fork if someone wants to improve it.


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